Mother May I Book Review

Mother May I by Joshilyn Jackson

“Some things were too broken and too torn to ever again be mended.”


I kept seeing so many great reviews for this book so I really wanted to dig in and see for myself if it lived up to the hype. Conclusion? It does!

Bree is introduced as the main character. We learn that she is happily married with three beautiful children. She grew up in poor, rural Georgia, but has married well, and now enjoys the luxuries that old money provides. She is uber involved in her children’s activities, especially her middle child, Anna-Claire’s acting endeavors. Bree was an aspiring actress prior to meeting her husband, Trey. Once married, acting fell away and creating her family became her focus. She frequently relies on the skills she learned while trying to hone her acting career.

In a twisted turn of events, Bree’s baby, Robert, is kidnapped right from under her as she is watching Anna-Claire perform in a school production. She is understandably distraught and is immediately contacted and told that she can tell no one. Her Momma bear instincts kick into high gear and she tries to handle getting her son back on her own. She is forced to do something she would never imagine had she not been backed into a corner.

While the story unfolds, she involves former cop and her deceased best friend’s husband, Marshall, in order to get Robert back. During the frantic search for information about the kidnapper, details of a years ago, sordid event are revealed that she wishes she could un-know. Unfortunately, since the past can’t be changed, she struggles with how she can move forward possessing this knowledge.

Although the main story in this book is about the kidnapping, it twists into quite another story. This was interesting to me, how once one story came to a close, the other was sitting there waiting for its turn. I didn’t love the second story, but I can see why the author chose it and wanted to bring it to light. The way it resolved was not 100% for me, but it was acceptable. An eye for an eye as they say.

This book was a riveting read – a hard to put down and go to bed kind of read. One that made me ponder the second story far after I finished the book. I thought the character development was excellent. The story was well developed, and nothing was thrown in at the end which should have been known upfront. I have seen it called domestic suspense, and that is the perfect description. Lies, secrets, forbidden love, hidden pasts and murder – what more could you want in a thriller?

I really enjoyed this book and easily recommend!

Thank you to NetGalley and William Morrow / Custom House for providing an advance copy for me to read and review. Pub date – April, 2021


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