The End of Her Book Review

It makes her wonder if love is just an illusion, one that disappears when reality gets too dark.

Stephanie from “The End of Me”

I was riveted by this book. The ending was not what I was expecting/hoping/planning. There were so many awesome possibilities hanging out there, so I must admit I was a little disappointed in the ending. But alas, I’m not the author so…..far be it from me to act like I know better than the this one. This book had so many interesting and well-thought out characters. I doubted several of them, and I love that in a thriller. I really want to think any of the characters could have committed the unspeakable deed in question.

This book opens with the untimely death of a young almost-mother, Lindsey, in a tragic accident. It then picks up with a young, exhausted, sleep deprived mother of twins, Stephanie. The reader is informed that Stephanie, is the second wife of the husband of Lindsey. The reader soon finds out that Lindsey and Stephanie’s better half, Patrick, is hiding some big secrets and they come to light as Erica enters the book. Erica is the best friend of Lily and the ex-lover of Patrick, who thinks he is guilty of the Lindsey’s murder. (Remind me not to have friends like her!) I loved how the author constantly made me second guess Patrick, then Erica. Who is the heck was the liar and who was telling the truth. Or… does anyone really ever tell the full truth in a captivating thriller? The answer is a resounding no. That is one of the reasons why we all love thrillers. Everyone is a suspect!

This book had me imagining so many possible scenarios that my mind was spinning. The reader is introduced to several more characters who are intertwined with Stephanie, Patrick and Lindsey. There were a few sideline stories that seemed a little too convenient to introduce. But all in all, the story was fast-paced and engrossing. If you have read this author before, you know she is adept at creating interesting characters for the reader to love, hate, or admire. She has definitely done that again.

This is another good read from Shari Lapena and I recommend.


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